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    Posted by John Wallis on June 10, 2005, 10:46 pm

    We are looking for a company to take away our waste as we are trying to comply with all this green carry on. The letter below was from I'm also waiting for a reply from Sita. Are these prices normal? This will mean a major hike in environmental charges on most invoices. Who do you guys use. This is a major pain in the arse but something we can't sweep under the carper any longer.

    Dear Mr Wallis

    Further to our telephone conversation please see detailed below a quotation
    for the collection and disposal of your garage waste:

    Aerosols 13.50p per bag (approx siz of a black bin liner)
    Oil .41p per litre
    Anti Freeze .90p per litre
    Contaminated Wipes 9.00p per bag
    Car Batteries 1.00p per kilo
    Brake Fluid .40p per litre

    The above prices are excluding vat and subject to 20.00 Environment Agency
    Fee per collection.

    We are able to supply all containers and bags for collection of the waste
    free of charge.

    Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact


    Sarah Whittaker
    Web Coordinator

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