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    Posted by Tony Sefton on June 19, 2005, 10:18 am, in reply to "Re: Garage Waste "

    How many garages have (or have not) yet paid the subscriptions, ?? I haven't signed up as yet, but I Ought to try and sort it out this week as time is passing very quickly and I will end up missing the deadline, Should I just sign up on line, Or should I let someone like Cleanaway deal with all the Paperwork. ?? ( I don't actually use Cleanaway, at the moment.) should we get a written document explaining what we should and shouldn't do with certain types of waste, ?? All I do with my waste at present is to put it all in a skip and let the waste company deal with it, (is that now no longer a correct thing to do). ?? All my waste batteries are taken to a local scrap dealer and left with them for recycling. ( I know that we shouldn't carry more than 5 at a time. ?? It appears to me that all this is going to do is make it harder for the people that are already trying to do the job properly, but the people that dump rubbish in the woods and at the side of the road will carry on, and keep getting away with it, ( well most of the time ).
    Do Safety clean do the registrations, ?? as I already deal with them. ?? The other annoying thing about all this legislation is that The Government are selling the Books etc, If they are insisting that these rules should be followed, why don't they put the info on line and let us print it out. ??

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