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    Re: New "Automotive Technician Accreditation" (ATA) Archived Message

    Posted by Peter Warman on June 17, 2005, 11:59 am, in reply to "New "

    When are we going to see a Trading Standards/Government backed scheme for the UK?

    It cannot be to difficult to implement

    1) All Independent Garages, Dealers and Fast Fits that have traded legally for more than 5 years with no Trading Standard convictions or serious complaints should be registered with Trading Standards, and listed on a Publicly Accessible website/database. Each outlet to display a License Number and Post Code clearly so the customer can take details, they can then check with a free phone number or via a website to see if they are registered, and had no complaints against them from Trading Standards.

    If a customer has a serious complaint against that outlet, and if it cannot be resolved amicably, then a form must be available from that outlet to fill in, and a copy sent to Trading Standards, the other to the outlet owner

    It the complaint is upheld by Trading Standards then they will be given points against them on the website, (say 5 points) when they get 20 points or so they are removed from the list until they under go accreditation and training at their own expense, or in more serious cases, told to stop trading

    2) Every tech in the country who has had more than 5 years experience in a workshop (excluding time served in training or apprenticeship) should be registered on the Trading Standards database alongside the outlet they work for. If they mess up such as leave a wheel loose, or not do a brake pipe up, then Trading Standards can give them 5 points, which will be added to the outlets total, that tech must also undergo training or assessment at the outlets expense. If they do not have 5 years experience then they will just be classed as a trainee until the 5 years has passed

    All the outlet owners will be given a username and password for the Trading Standards website, so they can enter the techs they have employed, and remove them when they leave, also you can keep track of the techs employers so you can contact them for references, and see if they have cocked up at any other outlet

    This is just my views on what could be implemented to raise the standard in our workshops, by making everyone who works on motor vehicles accountable

    The only problem i can see is that many of the motoring pulic and garage outlets are not up with technology (internet), so it does not matter what scheme is in place, registered tech/outlet or not......they just want their car fixed as cheaply and quicky as possible


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