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    Re: Break-in at workshop Archived Message

    Posted by Andy Gladish on June 19, 2005, 12:46 am, in reply to "Re: Break-in at workshop"

    Thats a real bummer Steve,we had a break in around Xmas albeit into the yard,so i can sympathies with your situation. You must be a very trusting person not to have an alarm till now. we have digital round the clock cctv(two static and one pan & zoom cameras) and a red care (gps)alarm system but still to my horror one Sunday morning i turned up to find one of the main gates (welded scaffold type tube & chain link affair 8 foot high) had been rammed through using a car from inside the compound.I had to double take,i was choked as you must be now. I had to watch the b******s on film ram the gate 3 times with an employees (thankfully) beloved mark one calibra to get it out. Must have been kids after the wheels cos it was found burnt in Luton a few days later.Mind you ,it took another 5 days for the recovery company to tell us it was in storage in there yard.You can imagine the bill. Cost us around 3500 in total what with replacing the car etc.
    This may sound a bit extreme but now that the village has recently been upgraded to broadband i have the hardware to view the site and operate the cameras from my lap top at home.I am negotiating a deal with an isp for a permanent address.My online DVR can facilitate outside motion sensors aswell that are due to be installed.The idea is that if a sensor is disturbed, the camera will pan & zoom to that area,also an audible tone will be heard on my lap top.Sounds overkill i know, but with a quarter acre site with up to 30 customers cars present at any one time-we are highly vulnerable to intrusion & i really really could do without being caught out again.The techno is there,might as well use it.

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