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    Re: post dated mot's Archived Message

    Posted by Jerry Carroll on August 15, 2005, 11:02 pm, in reply to "Re: post dated mot's"

    A "fast track retest" does not allow for post dating of certificates it bases expiry on original testdate if a car is repaired by vts or minor items as detailed on reverse of fail sheet and a postdate is required then select the "register vehicle for test" screen and select "partial retest" (minor items) or (repaired at vts) a new vt40 checklist is printed as if a full test is required (but its not) then go into "enter test results" and complete for a pass (brake test results do not require re entry or re measurement) it is still a partial retest if it meets requirements in testers manual in my opinion fast track is waste of time until they allow you to postdate as the postdate details cant be entered however when the car has its second computerised mot the expiry details will already be on system
    Hope this helps
    (yeah i know its clear as frickin mud!!!)

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