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    mitsubishi space wagon gdi lacking power @3000rpm Archived Message

    Posted by sherman on November 9, 2005, 9:45 pm

    hi guys, i have a 2.4 gdi which came to me via another garage and mitsubishi dealer also. this vehcile is a import. when the vehicle is left for approx 20mins after key off from either idling or driving to opt temp, the vehicle will not rev above 3,000 rpm . total flat spot. i have had a few of theses vehicles and the faults have always been throttle boby faults. have swopped the folling from another space wagon. spark plugs [mits only], ign coils, air mass meter, injector amplifier on n/s wing, replaced exhaust & cat/o2 sensor. the ecu was replaced & throttle body by the other garage. have scoped and read liv edata for all the above be fore replacing and could not fault any item. have spoken to asnu injector testers and have been told of carbon deposits may be cause on this engine. so i have removed and bench tested and cleaned injectors with my asnu system and have applied forte gas treatment to the tank and via the main fuel feed to the injectors. guess what still have the same fault. please any body have any ideas

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