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    Re: mitsubishi space wagon gdi lacking power @3000rpm Archived Message

    Posted by Rob Drinkwater on November 9, 2005, 10:25 pm, in reply to "mitsubishi space wagon gdi lacking power @3000rpm"

    Hi Sherman,

    These Mitsubosho GDI engines DO have a carbon build up problem. The real trouble is that they are direct injection, so they don't have the wash of the fuel through the inlet tract to keep the inlet valves clean, thus they suffer with them sticking open slightly, which can lead to some burning of them. Mitsubishi don't seem to think they have a problem, but Volvo, who also use these lumps in the S/V40 etc do know they have a problem, their's has been cured by Wynn's chemicals, who make a retro fit system that injects a cleaning fluid via the inlet manifold.

    BTW, putting treatments such as the Forte fuel treatment don't tend to help, as once again they are sent straight to the cylinder, bypassing the back of the valves.

    HTH Rob.

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