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    VW Golf EPC & MIL Archived Message

    Posted by Steve Norman on September 4, 2007, 4:54 pm

    Hi, I have this UK Golf 1.6 16V BCB engine 2003 year, 1J1 1E4. Marelli4MV G 4566
    control module 036 906 034 DR

    It came in with misfire on number one cylinder, the coil on that plug had failed. A new coil & a set VW OE spark plugs were fitted. I test drove it & all was well, emissions were also perfect.

    I noticed that the idle speed was low, so I cleaned the throttle body by gently opening the butterfly by hand (fly by wire), like I have done many times on other VW's. I started up & Idle was slightly high, but OK, as they usually settle down. At this stage I hadn't performed a throttle body adaption. As I went to park it up, the MIL & EPC light came on with 'emissions check' message, the engine surged very badly with no throttle response from the pedal.

    I checked the codes & 17961 Barometric pressure signals : Implausible Correlation P1553 - 35-00 was displayed.
    If reset sometimes would run OK for a few secs, then re-occur.

    The car will not respond to throttle, except on initial startup once.

    I now also get the code. 17912 Intake air system : Leak detected P1504 - 35 -10 intermittant.
    I performed a throttle body adaptation, which seems to have completed ok.
    I have checked the MAP sensor, & is 1022mbar ign on, 300 when running OK, & 550 up to 800 when surging.
    I removed the map & tested with a mityvac & the vac readings seem correct. manifold vac is hovering around 15", down to 12" when on a bad surge. If I disconnect the throttle body plug & hold throttle closed, I have 21" vac & even running.
    I have tried clamping off the evap hose.

    Is this likely to be the throttle body, due to it happening immediatley after cleaning?


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