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    Posted by dan on September 10, 2020, 4:52 pm, in reply to "Re: Coronavirus"

    My son has a fever and cough after 3 days at school.

    Sounds like croup but into isolation.

    It's not possible to get a booked test in London for at least 3 days though we could get one if we drove to Newport in Wales. For the general population with a test they could be out of isolation with a negative test and him back at school as soon as his fever settled.

    For most people they will be stuck - I had a viral swab at home from the period when I was ill which I've taken to the hospital who are offering a family service so that the clinical workforce can remain in post.

    The fact that there is no functional testing service available for the people in this country, 6 months after the beginning of the pandemic is disgusting but I guess no different from allowing 200,000 poor people to die from the consequences of austerity. There is no other reasonable way to manage the spread of the disease. Locking people up for two weeks when their children have fevers is an avoidable farce and criminally negligent.

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