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    Posted by dan on September 10, 2020, 7:47 pm, in reply to "Re: Coronavirus"

    Cheers Tomski, I took our test to the hospital so we'll have an answer. I'm guessing it's just croup.

    I'm more angry that most people don't have that resource and I'm shocked at how bad the testing system is 6 months after the first spread. I do think it's criminal negligence.

    Apparently there is also a testing station at Twickenham, which facility does not appear on line and is processing folks as they turn up, so that information is being spread only by word of mouth between resourceful people. If that's really the case Johnson and co should be in the dock.

    By now and even 5 months ago anyone should have the expectation that if they become ill they can have a same day test and an answer within 24 hours.

    Lockdown unnecessary and non covid infections out of isolation the next day.
    Even now, because of the nhs model we have the best primary care network in europe. Other european systems rely on easier access to specialist care and forgo primary care.
    The GP data systems are the most advanced in the nhs because they get paid by patient by result. As a consequence it really would have been a manageable task to decentralise and localise testing around GP practices.

    Instead it's been given to serco to monetise it.

    It's all a big game for these f#ckers

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