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    I got her book EVERYWOMAN out of the library today. Archived Message

    Posted by Morrissey on December 22, 2020, 8:27 am, in reply to "Re: Jess Phillips"


    Back cover blurb:

    If you're thinking, 'Jess, who?' then I'm glad that there was something about 'Everywoman' and 'truth' that caught your eye.

    Or you might know me as that gobby MP who has a tendency to shout about stuff I care about. Because I'm a woman with a cause, I have been called a feminazi witch and a murderer. and been threatened with rape. The internet attracts a classy crowd.

    So, speaking the truth isn't always easy but I believe it's worth it. And I want you to believe it too. The truth can be empowering, the truth can lead to greater equality, and the world would be incredibly boring if we let all of those people who allegedly know everything, say everything.

    By demanding to be heard, by dealing with our imposter syndrome, by being cheerleaders, doers not sayers, creating our own networks and by daring to believe that we can make a difference, we can.

    We're women and we're kick-ass. And that's the truth.

    Yes, I'll read the lot, just like I read the autobiographies of Rudolph Giuliani, Robert Gates, Bill Clinton, and Saint Barack Obama.

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