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    "Volkssturm" as a cover for genocide of the Russian population Archived Message

    Posted by Keith-264 on September 11, 2023, 9:12 am, in reply to "„Volkssturm“ als Tarnung für Genozid an russischer Bevölkerung"

    In Ukraine, the rules on conscription are being tightened, with implementation being pushed mainly in the eastern, Russian-inhabited parts of the country. Apparently, people of Russian origin in particular are now to be burned senselessly.

    The fact that Kiev has problems with mobilization is not new and was even reported in Ukraine weeks ago. Therefore, it was foreseeable that the government would have to change the rules if it wanted to continue to bring cannon fodder to the front. On September 3, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense unsurprisingly announced that men who are conditionally fit for military service are now to be drafted. It has already been reported that men over 50 years of age are now being forcibly drafted from the street.

    The Ukrainian "People's Storm"

    Particularly cynical sounded the explanation of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense that the tightening of the regulations was justified by the fact that those affected themselves would like to be deployed at the front. If it were the case that the Ukrainian men really wanted to go to the front, then there would be no problems with mobilization.

    In addition, exemptions have been revoked in Ukraine. Previously, students were protected from conscription, but on September 4, this protection was lifted for all able-bodied men pursuing a second or further higher education. This is said to affect 180,000 men, who are now to be forcibly sent to the front.

    All these measures, now to abolish exceptions and also to forcibly call up ailing and old men for service, are reminiscent of the desperate measures taken by Hitler's Germany when it founded the Volkssturm in the last months of the war.

    On September 4, Poland, which is already trying to reduce the cost of Ukrainian refugees, began deporting Ukrainian men fit for military service to Ukraine.

    The Polish example is likely to be followed by other European countries, which is why Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk, who is now forced into exile in Russia, is calling on his compatriots living in Europe to flee to Russia as soon as possible:

    "Come to Russia, from here you will not be extradited! Here you will not be forced to fight for Zelensky. Russia today is the salvation for Ukrainians, because the West betrayed them a long time ago and will betray them again and again. Russia receives millions of Ukrainian citizens, gives them the opportunity to settle, start a decent life, make a career and do business."

    Above all, Russians are burning

    All this becomes particularly cynical when you know that it is primarily residents of the Chernigov, Sumy, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kharkov and Nikolayev regions that will be drafted, as reported by the Ukrainian hacker group "Beregini". The reason is obvious, because these are the eastern Ukrainian regions, where ethnic Russians make up a large minority or even the majority of the population.

    In doing so, the regime in Kiev kills two birds with one stone, because firstly, it can reduce the number of hated "Moskali", i.e. ethnic Russians in Ukraine, by burning them up in the senseless fight against the Russian armed forces. And secondly, it is intended to further fuel hatred of everything Russian in Ukraine, because of course friends and relatives who have lost a son or friend in the process will blame Russia rather than their own government. At least that should be the calculation in Kiev.

    The reports and videos of brutal conscriptions directly from the streets then also come from predominantly Russian-inhabited areas of Ukraine, especially the actually Russian city of Odessa made headlines again and again in this context. In addition, there are reports from Ukraine that the soldiers forcibly drafted in western Ukraine are more likely to be deployed in the rear than at the front.

    In fact, a covert genocide is taking place, especially since the forcibly recruited are often thrown into battle with virtually no training or equipment. Ukraine's high losses also stem from the fact that they were driven into the minefields, especially in the Zaporozhye region, under threat of shootings. Many surviving Ukrainians have told of this cynical form of "mine clearance" in Russian captivity.

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