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    Posted by Ian M on September 11, 2023, 8:20 pm, in reply to "(Finally watched the rest of it - BJG does indeed up her game and make some v telling points -nm)"

    ...I think that's the correct term. The debate was posted on the Breaking Points youtube channel: 58K views, only 1.6K likes. I scrolled through the comments and nearly every single one thought BJG won the debate and handled herself decently whereas K&K were patronising, rude and just plain wrong. And that's their own audience! Sample, copy/pasted from the top, not omitting anything:


    The thing that drives me crazy as a republican is, that Bri is actually very disciplined, and reasoned in her arguments, even if I donít agree with them most of the time. To see people purposely misunderstand her and interrupt her while she is speaking drives me crazy.

    The point is: Biden MADE promises he COULD have kept without Congress and didn't keep them. THAT is the point. BJG is correct.

    Itís heartbreaking to watch that Kyle & Krystal are defending Biden.

    I COMPLETELY agree with BJG. However, anti monopoly and pro union rulings make Biden viable, but BJG is right: exceeding low expectations is pathetic.

    Krystal arguing Biden is for workers after he just quashed the railroad strike is nuts

    In light of the Twitter Files findings, I can't understand how anyone who calls themselves a journalist could vote for Biden.

    This comment section is 500 different ways of saying Kyle was insufferable, Krystal fell short, and Bri is a graceful, principled, master class debator

    Krystal pulling the no on voting freedom of third party and saying no choice but Biden is a perfect example of the problem.

    Krystal and Kyle are everyone's least desired dinner party couple. Could not create a more out of touch arrogant and condescending couple in a lab.....amazed at how patient Bri stayed. Typically not aligned with her but she consistently impresses me.

    What Krystal and Kyle need to hear is that we arenít voting for Biden, not in the primaries, not in the general.
    If Biden/Harris is the ticket, Iím not voting for Democrats.

    I love Brianna. Sheís so highly intelligent and committed to actual principles. I just think so highly of her.

    Iím with B Joy. As an independent who votes democrat Iím just so over Biden and the weak democrat party. They honestly deserve to lose at this point. Also Kyle is such an immature clown. I have no clue how someone like Krystal is attracted to this man baby.

    I'm with Bri on this one.

    If Iím understanding Krystal and Kyleís correctly, their point is essentially this:
    If youíre in a swing state, donít ever vote the way you actually wantÖ or in other words, donít ever hold Dems accountable for sucking. Thatís their bottomline. They can never be held accountable. Just keep letting them suck, and keep voting for them.
    Great strategy 👎

    Bri is focused on significantly improving the party over time and not just accepting minimal and mediocre wins here and there.
    Krystal and Kyle were focused on preventing a trump victory.

    I donít agree with Bri on many issues (we agree on a few) but I respect her and her ability to debate. Sheís extremely careful and articulate. The same can not be said by the arrogant and often condescending tone taken by the other side. Kyle in particular is insufferable and epitomizes the very arrogance that turns me off of from the Democratic Party.

    I'm 100% team Bri here. She rocked this debate and Kyle came off like an adolescent child. Sadly, K&K have jumped the shark.

    Will not vote for a party that shows such blatant contempt for its voters. K&K's arguments make my skin crawl.

    There's something wrong with the system when we're supposed to choose the best of us and end up having to choose the lesser evil every time.

    Bri is amazing. K and K lost that debate in spectacular fashion.

    I agree with Bri. If Biden was really concerned about losing votes to a 3rd party, he should've been trying to pass rank choice voting to secure his votes that he might lose to a 3rd party. As long as people vote of the lesser of two evils, 3rd parties will never have a chance and rank choice voting will never get implemented.

    Big Breaking Points fan here but watching Krystal continuously sell out integrity for the sake of ďvoting for the lesser of two evilsĒ has definitely made me rethink her ability to critically examine the political landscape and see her more as just another mainstream political figure with the inability to stand up for what is rightÖ damn unfortunate!!

    Remember when Kyle used to make fun of the "vote blue no matter who" crowd and now he's cheerleading Biden of all people? I think I'm done...

    This is the manifestation of the "Chattering Class." I enjoyed Bri's point that Biden is a "Milque toast incrementalist." I enjoyed many of her arguments in general. That point about campaign promises and lying and the milquetoast thing was excellent. Ball's argument that Cornell West is getting in the way of stopping Trump is the same argument that was made against Ralph Nader containing that piece of excrement, Albert Gore, from becoming President. At least GWB had to be turned into a warmonger by 9/11. He didn't start out as one like Gore did. How did we end up in Afghanistan for 20 years? And why did that milquetoast incrementalist pull us out that Kyle thinks is so damned wonderful? So that we could pour all of our resources into Ukraine. Isn't Biden great? Ask a Ukrainian soldier amputee. Ask their families how great Biden is. As far as this argument goes, the worst way to elect a President is to destroy all other candidates because it may give you a few of the policies you find essential. How about the invisible elephant in the room, "Unintended consequences." I'm sure the voters in Delaware thought they were getting fantastic low taxes and got the Iraq war and a crime bill instead.

    Firmly with Bri on this one.

    Krystal and Kyle's entire argument is "you have to support Biden because orange man bad" 😂😂😂😂

    Briahna is not a sellout!!! Kept true to who she is. She went beast mode on these two.

    Came out definitely agreeing with Bri on this one. Meaningful change will never manifest from the modern Democratic party. People get really sick of being told to take the lesser of two evils as if it's a "choice". Krystal and Kyle live comfortably enough to vote purely based on pragmatic political goals.

    Iím with Brie. K&K just convinced me to vote West

    Bri crushed these two into oblivion. Way to go Bri!!!

    Itís sad to see both Krystal and Kyle not being good hosts and showing respect to a very intelligent and calm Briahna. Good job Bri!!

    Iím with Bri 💯

    Kyle thinks Trump is more likely to get us into WW3 even though we are closer to WW3 now under Biden than any other time in history... very logical and trustworthy take there 😂

    This was not a debate. This was "Let's sit Briahna down and tell her why she's wrong." I thought Krystal and Kyle were being condescending and arrogant, and I'm glad Briahna took a second to stick up for herself and mention she was being mistreated. Can't wait for election season to be over so that Krystal and Kyle can reclaim their brains.

    Bri is magnificently articulate and understands the pulse of the people; Krystal is erroneously stuck in an anti-democratic echo chamber where third parties are sabbateurs; Kyle is just insufferableóraising his voice and getting angrier as Bri delivers home truths.

    This was like watching a Mom argue with her two spoiled toddlers why they can't keep eating only cupcakes for every meal, before their brains have matured enough to think logically.

    Brie brought it and handled Kyleís little outburst with class. When you invite someone on, please let them finish their statements.

    Kyle: Biden passed my purity test. Also Kyle: I don't expect Biden to do anything.

    Oh gee, after listening to Kyle's and Krystal's rebuttals to BJG's arguments, I feel so 100% compelled to vote for Cornel West or the relevant 3rd party / green party candidate, EVEN if I lived in a "swing" state.
    Yet I ask myself ... was this debate all just theater?

    Brie was so clam, well reason, argued & nuance. That fact that the other two purposefully misrepresented & misinterpreted her points plus interject repeatedly damn well annoyed me. White, middle-class patronising, paternalistic attitude & frankly air of superiority throughout that Brie wouldnít accept the parameters that they had set was redundant. Brie won.

    had never heard of Briahna but, after watching this, i'm subscribing to whatever she's putting out

    When Breaking Points began I was fully on-board. Over the past 6 months Bri has brought me back to The Hill even though I differ from her politically. Really enjoy listening to her reasoning and breakdown of issues.

    Iíve never watched Kyleís show or debates but after this Iím convinced Iím not missing out on anything. Bri was articulate and got her arguments across without screaming like a child. The dumbest thing I heard in this segment was the acknowledgement of a rigged system and then advocating for Biden and keeping the status quo.


    Reminiscent of corporate media that they feel like they can continue taking these deeply unpopular stances without paying attention to, or addressing criticisms from their audience.


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