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    Re: Mason Archived Message

    Posted by Ken Waldron on September 12, 2023, 5:56 pm, in reply to "Mason"

    You wonder who thinks up these sad new thought-crimes... like this unforgivable "Kremlin talking point." smear.
    Its a kind of fake "Danger: Minefield!!" signpost plastered around the edges of the Overton window.

    "...You can't talk about THAT because people in the Kremlin want you to!!!"

    Its no longer important if its TRUE. it's STILL a "Kremlin talking point!": whadontyouget?? can't you understand that repeating a LIE would be better?!
    Of course there is nary a critical mention of those or some poor fool using a "Washington talking point" so ubiquitous are these that they can be used without comment & are so constantly by the "regular guys". They otherwise go unnoticed under the guise of corporate media "truth".

    It should be added to the list of modern mind-plague symptoms: anyone who uses the phrase "Kremlin talking point" is displaying their pedigree as an ideological moron: either captive or on the make.

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