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    Full steam ahead, flat sea's approaching Archived Message

    Posted by Chad on 16/8/2012, 3:35 pm

    One positive from all of this North East weather is the temp needle has done a 180 and shes all up hill from here on out !!

    The water quality in Mahia has been fantasticly bloody horrible and this is the longest we have gone without a down pour. The water is SLOWY clearing up, we havent had the huge swells, but the amount of fresh water seems to get bottled up in Mahia and sit around for some time. Whakaki and Blacks is just starting to clear up and the brown surge of sludge has been retreating.....

    North westers are forcast for the next few days, so no dout the long lines will be getting a dust off and sent to the horizons. Last week there was a 10.5kg snapper caught 1.8k off shore (Whakamahia ) on a set line and an 11kg fish taken at the car park (Whakaki ).

    The commercial boats have been grassing Mahia with there presents unfortunately, from 1.5-3 kilometers off shore loading up on gurnard and snapper which can be veiwed by the public at the loading ramp....... Pretty ratshit to be honest, last season was shit house for carrots, and if that continues, it may be another year.

    Unlike last year where North-east conditions were the prevailing winds, this year we are in for a change!! Dryer weather and good old fashioned North westerlys, 12 months of the good stuff, calm weather and awsome fishing at night through spring and summer. Last year was insanely frustrating, it seemed to howl from the east, which was backed up shortly after with a wicked southerly, so fingers crossed the experts have got it sussed and the weather comes to fruition.

    As it stands, the white bait are smashing there way through muddy waters up our river here in Wairoa, and the amount of kahawai in the river is up on last year...... lets hope this ripples through the food chain and produces a craker season !!

    My rods have been hung through most of Winter, so im chomping at the bit to get out there, bring on the big snapper and long hours of sunlight and warmth!!

    Best of luck to all this comming season !

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