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    Posted by Mark Roberts on 22/8/2012, 8:14 am, in reply to "Te Awanga"

    I fish right on the reef where you once surfed, but only over the high tide. I usually plop one bait on a bed of mussels you can walk over on a very low tide. I use 15kg line, so I can drag my gear out of any snags. They're not serious snags there and I only get snagged 1/10 casts. Catches are never brilliant, at least for me, but I've caught some good moki there including a 5.9 and 5.25kg. However, moki are known to be spawning at East Cape about this time of season. Maybe some are back already? I've caught a handful of snapper on or by the reef. Best one was 3.6kg one mid September. Others have caught snapper there in August, and this could be the year for that.

    A local called Stevie caught a 10kg type snapper in July in front of the old kindergarten to the Napier side of the reef. If you fish there, someone is bound to come up and tell you about that one. Stevie is a rank amateur with a Warehouse rod and reel. I've seen moki caught there also. It's a location I'll look at this season coming.

    If you head further along towards Napier, you come to what's called the Te Awanga Straight where the Clearview and Elephant Hill wineries are located. Many a big snapper have been caught along there.

    The first pic below was taken on 14 April at the reef. One moki and one kahawai in the bin. The second pic is a 3.5kg moki from the reef. The third one is me further along by the Tuki river mouth last March. That was my last good fish, expertly photographed by racepics .

    I'll probably be fishing that area this weekend. You know what I and and my tripod look like. There's an outside chance of a good snapper being caught. We've had a mild winter, just lots of rain.

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    From Surfcasting in New Zealand

    From Surfcasting in New Zealand

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