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    Re: Te Awanga Archived Message

    Posted by jaypeegee on 22/8/2012, 11:01 am, in reply to "Re: Te Awanga"

    Hi Mark appreciate that.
    I am down for a fambily thing so time will be limited. I will look to an early Sat or Sun mish but might find myself there on change of light in the evening
    Will definitely keep an eye out for the tripod and yourself.
    I fish wellington so am accustomed to snags and such and have a strategy or two to minimize that issue
    Normally I fish 10Kg so shld be ok?
    I was aiming to use pillies but will consider mussels given the reef.

    Cheers for the response. I have googled and searched this site and know that the chances are pretty low in this spot.But it would be a good exercise all the same

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