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    Fiat Punto 55 1993 Recal Archived Message

    Posted by Peter Warman on December 21, 2005, 4:21 pm

    Hi All

    I had a regular customer come in today with her Fiat Punto 55 1993 for MOT and Service, she had purchased this car from a friend 2 years ago for 200:00 (not bad condition for 12 years old)

    She said it had been back to a Fiat Dealer yesterday as it was recalled (received a recorded delivery letter), said it was something to do with the brakes

    When i had it up in the air i could see that every single metal brake pipe had been replaced, with genuine OE metal pipes (not made up). This must have included dropping the fuel tank as they go over the tank out of sight

    So what's prompted Fiat to recall, probably many thousand worthless Punto's to replace brake pipes, got to be a 300:00 job at least, must be costing Fiat a fortune

    I assume they got her details from DVLA for the recall

    Anyone have any more info?


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