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    Re: Fiat Punto 55 1993 Recal Archived Message

    Posted by Jerry Carroll on December 21, 2005, 9:50 pm, in reply to "Fiat Punto 55 1993 Recal"

    Hello Peter
    these have been getting recalled for about 7 odd years starting with the earliest, this one must have been missed first time.i had done several of my customers before recall introduced, one of them burst on a two/three year old "T" reg punto and i advised customer to call fiat and get fixed by them for free, she did call and was told that her car wasnt covered by recall!! however the last of the mk1 puntos are now coming in with the black grease and/or new pipes over tank!! this reminded me of a recall for the uno (remember them?) for corrosion of the front wishbones which involved painting them if they werent too badly corroded
    Regards Jez

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