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    Re: Fiat Punto 55 1993 Recal Archived Message

    Posted by Tony Sefton on December 21, 2005, 6:50 pm, in reply to "Re: Fiat Punto 55 1993 Recal"

    Hi Peter, I have had several Punto's, ( For Experimentation purposes of course, for the immobiliser etc ) And My Nieces and Nephews have also had some, They have All been Subject to the Brake pipe Recall, So They must have had a serious problem at some time or other, ? But What gets me is why are they honouring warranties on cars that are 12 Years old. ? When most Manufacturers won't even cover genuine warranty problems within the first 3 years. ? The Only Reason I can see is that if someone got injured or killed and they could prove that it was due to a design fault, then Fiat may be liable. But Surely there must be a time limit on when they should be able to say Enough is enough and put it down to wear and tear. Years ago most vehicles had to have new brake pipes fitted to Allow them to Pass the first M.O.T. ?

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