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    Posted by John Goggin on January 15, 2006, 11:51 am, in reply to "Re: (no subject)"

    Hi All, The Judge asked how I had delivered the quotation to the customer, I explained, verbally over the telephone, labour at such and such and the cost of parts at etc etc, big mistake, I should have explained that the price that they were to pay was my marked up price, and clearly explained whether they were manufacturers or copy parts, copy parts which incidentally the customer had requested.

    State of play as of now, cost of taking client to court so far, 150 in court fees, 2 trips to court to issue summons and deliver a bundle of evidence, 1 trip to accountants 80 mile round trip to retrieve relative invoices, half a day in court.

    Judges direction, that an expert should inspect my work and parts and deliver a report to court, cost of expert to be paid jointly by defendant and plaintiff, all for a 470 unpaid invoice.

    I apologize for not clearly setting out the incident, but my Blood boils just thinking about it.

    All the best

    John Goggin

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