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    Re: Virus Archived Message

    Posted by Steve Norman on June 16, 2005, 11:58 am, in reply to "Re: Virus"

    Hi John,
    Thats OK, but most viruses propogate themselves by emailing from the infected computers address book,

    So if you receive an email from a known contact, you would perhaps open it. If you have HTML/Java enabled on your email software, or use a preview pane, you would become infected straightaway. Thats where the virus protection comes in, mine auto updates everyday, It also carries out a complete scan every day.

    If you are unsure of an email & want to check it out, RH click it & view properties, & even view email source. That will allow the plain text to be shown, thus no virus can be transmitted. It can also help to decide if it is from a trusted source.

    I haven't come across anything that AVG hasn't picked up & removed yet. The same went for Norton I used previously.


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