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    Re: MoT pricing. Archived Message

    Posted by Dave Harney on June 24, 2005, 9:40 am, in reply to "Re: MoT pricing."

    We started charging full fee for retests ages ago and we're not even computerised yet. Although I filled all our paperwork in February and not heard a thing since.

    We don't encourage Trade Mot's as they are a pain and also I believe you attract more attention to yourself from VOSA if you do a lot of trade stuff.

    If customers leave there cars for repair then obviously no retest fee and also if they return within 7 days to have the work done then no retest fee.

    I think if you are going to charge 20 quid for retests you are going to attract all the freeloaders if and when the whole system is up and running.

    We have 9 slots a day @ 42 each, why should we give any away for free to someone who takes there car away and either repairs it themselves or has another garage do it.

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