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    Re: MoT pricing. Archived Message

    Posted by Dave Harney on June 26, 2005, 2:26 pm, in reply to "Re: MoT pricing."

    Yes I am "giving away" a slot free if they return the vehicle within 7 days but I am also earning from the repair.
    If it was an Mot only customer who would normally have there repairs carried out elsewhere, we now get the chance to show that we might be better than where they would normally go and therefore hopefully retain another workshop customer.

    If we were doing free retest's across the board as we used to do, then the customer would have taken it away for repair elsewhere then returned up to seven days later for free. That was only good business for the customer, no benefit whatsoever for us.

    I understand that there may be some testing stations who rely on their trade customer's for a large part of their turnover and will have to offer some sort of free retest or discounts structure but we are not one of them.

    As regard to how retests are done, we do ours as they should be done. Those that don't are obviously taking a risk and will also find it hard when they are computerised.

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