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    Re: MoT pricing. Archived Message

    Posted by ian(n) on June 26, 2005, 11:15 am, in reply to "Re: MoT pricing."

    Gentlemen, re price, we are 30 (mostly trade)
    but this was put up just before computerisation & we only had a few initial moans! the dealers are charging it out at full retail.
    I think now we are computerised it should go up to the full price-a big problem though is stations moaning about how they want a legislated full price, but the same guys are offering 'free re tests' as i understand it dave,
    you are doing a free retest within 7 days-but that will mean you losing a test slot when they return, so you are 'giving it away for free' i'm going to monitor our retest situation now, my opinion is computerisation is going to make people do retests properly??? just my opinion

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