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    Re: mot queries? Archived Message

    Posted by Tony Gould on June 30, 2005, 9:43 am, in reply to "Re: mot queries?"

    We are getting used to the system but does through up silly little problems like can print out pass with no milage filled in.
    Done fast track pass gave punter all paper work,
    next day system said, no more tests until ive completed previous test,phoned siemens/vosa,after several hours and calles they could not work out how system issued pass but did not log it,had to clear system so i could carry on testing.
    I now always ask for an incedent No,saves a lot of time when replying.
    As for weights it very often does not show any and has to be put in.
    We also insist that punter brings in v5,helps a lot.
    Wont cant understand is with reg and vin No still get 112 options? how many vehicles on road with same vin/reg No?
    Thats all for now,have plenty more problems but dont want to bore you all

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