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    Posted by George Brennan on September 12, 2020, 1:10 pm, in reply to "Chomsky . Trump v Biden"

    It is given that a Biden administration will be an evil thing. But Chomsky argues that Trump will be importantly worse, especially on the paramount pressing question of Climate

    The Lifeboat view is that it makes no important difference who wins.

    Since it makes no important difference which wins then Americans in swing state have no dilemma. If they vote at all they will vote Green

    But Black voters in a swing states are going to vote to get Trump out because they believes that Trump is more likely than Biden to unleash bands of armed men against them. They would expect Lifeboaters to support them.

    Lifeboaters must patiently explain to these deluded black voters that voting makes no difference, because who wins makes no difference, because the winner will still be a servant of corporate power etc etc. Speak up!

    Vidal was of course right at the time to say there was only one party = The Property Party. But he voted for the Left Wing of that Property party. In 2006 primary he campaigned for a "Real Democrat" who would oust the official candidate and " enthuse the disenchanted base" Trying to enthuse he disenchanted base of the Democrat party seemed more useful to him than revolutionary abstentionism

    Is it still true that Trump Republicans are just the right wing of the Property Party? They now seem to be in rebellion, like Mussonlni's supporters, against bourgeois legality itself.

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