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    Posted by Chad on 29/8/2012, 9:31 am, in reply to "Re: Positive Future"

    Rex, its not a point to bring up if you are good enough, thats a weak factor....... I read that all through the previous thread about if you can't compete on the same beach you must be affraid of getting beaten..... yawn

    Here is my point to it. As fisherman, time flys and we all try new things to catch fish, like soft-baiting off rocks, fly fishing at the local bar, chasing flounder in a estuary.... These are all done to improve the fishing world and add new challenges. From this point you start looking for exciting new ways to find more fish, so you buy a quad ( as you have done rex) to fish places you would never get to walking ( being realistic ) ........

    Once you have accomplished this, goals change and so do interests, you start looking future afield at areas that few people have fished trying to find that elusive fishing spot you dream of. Now these spots are not so accessible and the only way to accomplish this is to cross water to get to it.

    So in comes a new season, a list of goals set and now its just a waiting game, waiting for the weather to play its part and then she is all go!! Now its getting exciting again.

    Absolutely anyone can fish Whakaki, sure, but to me it loses its excitement factor. Anyone can catch a fish there and thats choice like I say, when you do something for so many years, you need to step it up and keep stepping it up to find that same level of enjoyment!!

    Now as the weather falls into play, and the forecast is fantastic to the point where as ya lay in bad all you can think about is all the planning of looking at maps, looking for photos, checking depth charts ect.... it all coming to plan and tomorrow is the day I find out if it is any good!!

    Now most people who fish feild weekend in a club only fish on those weekends as that covers allot of time, 12 or so weekends in a year, thats a large chunk!

    As a fishing club ( currently ) do you say to your keen member, no you are not fishing in our club weekend if you are going to do that, thats ridulas " are you not good enough to fish off the beach"....... where we go weekend after weekend after weekend after weekend ect...... catch the same fish weekend after weekend after weekend...... it becomes like ground hog day.

    To me, that guy has done his homework, and within the spirit of land based angling that person is now testing out spots that few have fished from...... Can you imagine the excitement of that??

    Unfortunitly though, currently, this person has to make a big call, does he go off an be a lone wolf exploreing new country and taking fishing to new levels..... or does he reside to the fact that clubs dont except this, throw in the towel, and join them on Whakaki weekend after weekend after weekend to catch the same fish weekend after weekend after weekend......

    Its not about how good you are Rex, or wether you believe those who wish to use a boat for access are not good enough, I would like to think we have proven we are..... But the point is changing to adapt to the times, more and more are doing this, and fishing is evolving. The thread states a positive future, why revert back to the old ways where one person doesn't like it and says flat out NO!! i say stuff that, think about it, and my point is put to you above, which I believe is a good argument.

    Now that is at a club level, like I said, small steps, but don't disregard it because you haven't thought much about it! Give it the time of day. It is not about winning or losing, it is a form of fishing that is no different to access from a quad, you are very nieve to think that walking and quad access is the same thing.... You are harldly going to walk 15k's of beach are you. I would be keener than most, but I wouldn't......

    You hear the word boat, and there is a grown amongst the surf-casting futurity, but using it for land based fishing is merely a hurdle you have to get over. Just because you use a boat for access, much like a quad it does not guarantee you good fishing, there is no answer to that, all it does is open up exciting new locations to fish. To be able to do this as part of a club, and eventually in the NZACA is worth considering. Keep an open mind Yoey, or you are no different to anyone else who has had a role in the NZACA.

    I can except it being a no-go, if others have had that opportunity to think about it and the vote is fair and not political, or a bunch or old pen pushers making that call who do very little fishing. But thats all I am asking for, a fair oppertunity for the idea to go ahead.


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