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    Re: MOT performance Archived Message

    Posted by Tony Gould on July 6, 2005, 9:18 am, in reply to "Re: MOT performance"

    Hi Colin
    There are times when i do feel like knocking mots on the head especially with some of the punters we get,even closing the whole lot down and sell off the land for housing.With new legislation covering just about everything it sure gets a pain in the arse.
    Rather than doing the job i love,yes love,im having to spend more time in the office where i already have two staff,and have to employ extra tecs to cover in the workshop.
    Im sure this government will want to see the demise of a number of testing stations and go the way of northern Ireland with them being state run.
    However,back to my original gripe,big brother, once the going live honeymoon is over,every thing we do regards mot will be logged,mistakes will be made and we will be made accountable,which will be loss of points.there will no longer be your friendly local VOSA agent to give you a gentle word,it will be done via head office (which will probably be in India)
    Well thats the way i see it happening but hopefully im wrong?
    Regards Tony

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