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    Re: MOT performance Archived Message

    Posted by Steve H on July 12, 2005, 7:29 am, in reply to "Re: MOT performance"

    Just a thought here chaps, couldn't VOSA have re-submitted cars for re-test with different faults on previously anyway if they had wanted to? Couldn't they have joined up with Trading Standards?

    I'm not a tester so I'm seeing this from the outside but it seems to me that the risk of getting had for missing something should be less than before cos you now have to spend a sensible amount of time on tests and re-tests and whats more if you are smart you will be charging a sensible amount for both tests and so it can be profitable as well.

    The risk of making a technical mistake - missing a fault - was always there and always will be but I'm not convinced that computerisation makes it that much more likely that you will get caught doing so.

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