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    Re: Right move? Archived Message

    Posted by james mccallum on August 29, 2005, 10:09 pm, in reply to "Re: Right move?"

    Hi rich,
    you got it in one. A veh came in as customer had lost key, new one cut and programmed in, veh wouldnt start.
    The foreman got involved, fuel inj ok, ign ok, fuel pump delivering ok, my opinion which wasnt listened to much as i am a new boy was it has to be mechanical. Nope they push Started, new plugs, push started, it took most of the day before engine timing checked, the chain had jumped a few teeth.
    I only came into dealership to improve my diagnstics not to second guess a fault without testing. The guided fault finding which is essential for warranty always ends up saying replace ecu, mmmm. I am hoping it will improve otherwise i might have to try an independent instead.

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