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    Posted by Tom Williams on August 30, 2005, 6:35 pm, in reply to "Right move?"

    Hi all,

    Theoretically, manufacturers agents should have all the training and service information to do a first time fix consistently.
    Sometimes, when I've taken some time to locate a fault, which then turns out to be a 'known' problem I feel guilty billing the customer for the time I've taken.
    Thing is, you soon realise that despite all their advantages, dealers often don't get it right 1st time.
    How many of us have had a car booked in for new pads and discs all round, to find they aren't needed? Ask the customer why he thinks it needs them,invariably the answer is that it's just had a main dealer service (or had new tyres at a 'fast-fit') and that was the recommendation.
    The big companies are run exclusively for the benefit of the shareholders and very highly paid executives.
    If your pension fund is an institutional shareholder, you may see a slight gain in this.

    Tom W.

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