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    HOW MUCH !!!!!!!!!!! Archived Message

    Posted by David Rowlands on September 23, 2005, 9:52 pm, in reply to "KITE MARK"

    Hereís a quick run down of what I was told by a BSI Kite Mark Garage Scheme bloke today

    You have to

    1/ Pay them £32 for a PAS 80 form that details what standard you need to achieve before you can get the kite mark logo

    2/ Once your happy you reach the standard you apply and get tested by the BSI to make sure you reach the above standard for which you pay them £750

    3/ Pay the same amount (£750) every year towards a mystery shopper that makes sure you maintain your standard

    Now Iím all for raising the image of the motor trade and a registration scheme of some description but how many of us can honestly say they would pay that amount every year to supply the same quality of service that we do now just with a kite mark sign above the door?

    I personally can't justify charging my customers considerably more for my work just to have a kite mark, especially in a rural area like this where the average labour charge for independents is about £20-25.

    I think that I might just put my money towards all the workshop achieving the IMIís Automotive Technician Accreditation standard, at least that way I know all the work form the workshop will be up to standard even if the car keys arenít handed back to the customer with lemon fresh clean hands and pressed overalls.

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