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    Re: HOW MUCH !!!!!!!!!!! Archived Message

    Posted by Dave Harney on September 23, 2005, 11:23 pm, in reply to "HOW MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!"

    I thought it would come down to money, who needs (an expensive) Kite mark to attract new customers or keep existing ones.
    How many members of this site see a new customer for the first time and if you ask them how they came to be in your garage, they more often than not will say "You were recommended to me by a colleague or family member" and not because you had some sign outside your premises that will, after a while just blend in with any other signage you have.

    The government can't run the country properly what makes them think they could improve the Garage trade, we'll all end up with a couple of "illegal immigrants" each if were not careful.


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