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    Re: HOW MUCH !!!!!!!!!!! Archived Message

    Posted by Paul Gunstone on September 25, 2005, 9:45 am, in reply to "Re: HOW MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!"

    Here, Here gents!!!
    There just had to be a large profiteering fee hidden somewhere in this (yet another ill thought-out) scheme! 750.oo per anum to fund a mystery shopper? Gizza a job please! We joined the RMI two years ago, and the fee is now 425.00 per anum ( I think) and I have to say that it has been a total waste of money! Some people here may disagree, but in our case, not a SINGLE customer has commented on the fact that we are an RMI member! If we spend all the money that us indipendants do, on maintaining a high standard of presentation and workmanship, then why should we have to pay such extortionate amounts towards some scheme, surely a small annual fee and a 6 monthly premises inspection could suffice? Maybe they could actually become intelligent enough to link-up with trading standards to see just who the offenders are, and are not, by the amount of people reporting certain garages ( or is this a little taxing on the brain for some of these people behind these schemes?) This would immediately alert them to whom not to allow a KITE mark to wouldn't it?
    Sorry to whine on and on, but I see all these so called schemes as just people lining their pockets with our hard earned cash! I think we all agree that there will have to be some kind of standard set one day, but I don't agree with paying huge sums of money to be allowed that standard!

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