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    Re: HOW MUCH !!!!!!!!!!! Archived Message

    Posted by Peter Warman on September 25, 2005, 12:55 pm, in reply to "Re: HOW MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!"

    Hi Paul

    ----<"not a SINGLE customer has commented on the fact that we are an RMI member">---

    You have just said it all

    All these schemes are NON starters......until they start to put full page ads in the press, on local radio and TV. How are the motoring public going to learn about these "Logos" for a good garage

    The reason they do not advertise the fact is that they will be sailing close to the wind legally. If they run an ad on the TV or press telling the public to only use a garage with a "Kite" mark, then all the Independents and Main Dealers that did not sign up to the scheme, but have traded honestly for years will feel they are being victimized because they did not want to pay the joining fee to a voluntary scheme (backed by a motor factor)

    Until they make the scheme compulsory for ALL garages, then it will just fall by the wayside like all the rest


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