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    Too many garages? Archived Message

    Posted by Tom Williams on September 27, 2005, 7:59 pm

    Hi all,

    The promised fuel protest never really got off the ground, thankfully.
    One thing that really got my attention was the interview on BBC radio of an academic with a very good insight into the haulage industry.
    He made the point that one of the reasons that hauliers were struggling to pay their fuel costs, was because there were far too many truckers all trying to get the same business and drastically undercutting each other, with the result that there was little profit margin left for any of them.
    Sound familiar? You want an MoT test, cry the ads, we'll do it for 35 quid, or 17.50 if you need a free re-test! In this area there seems to be an MoT station on nearly every street in town.
    Just out of town, every disused farm and lock-up seems to have car repairers occupying the buildings, both with & without planning permission.
    I think the main problem with our industry is that there are far too many chasing a dwindling market. What do you think?

    Tom W.

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