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    Re: Too many garages? Archived Message

    Posted by Tony Gould on October 5, 2005, 9:43 pm, in reply to "Too many garages?"

    The trucker problem is that the bigger they get and start chasing larger contracts the more they get screwed by the likes of tescos/sainsburys etc,Its the same with main dealers the bigger they get the less profit margin.
    A lot of large garages and main dealers around our area are really struggling and if you look at latest reports independents are increasing their market share even against the fastfits (the public are starting to relies)
    If you do a good job and at a reasonable price and not try to out grow your customer base you should be OK.
    I have also found that we are getting a lot more new car servicing due to block exemption.
    Thats what i think, Tom
    Regards Tony

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