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    Re: Too many garages? Archived Message

    Posted by Steve H on October 2, 2005, 8:37 am, in reply to "Re: Too many garages?"

    The difference between the garage and haulage trades is that the haulage trade only sells one standard of product. If you can take a box from A to B then you are as good as the biggest haulage company around so price is the only thing to compete on.

    In the our game there will be dealers charging 80 per hour and some guy working out of his garage for 10 an hour and us somewhere in the middle! There are customers for all these levels of pricing - someone with a new 50k BMW is unlikely to want us to service his car and someone with a four year old 20k BMW probably won't want to take it to the dealer or some scalley working out of a shed so we get it instead.

    You set you stall out and aim for the bit of the market that you want and you probably wouldn't actually want the 50k cars or the customers who think that 10 per hour is a bit steep!

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