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    Re: I see you are not interested in the absence of virus scenario ala SK Archived Message

    Posted by Thomas Newfield on September 12, 2020, 10:21 pm, in reply to "I see you are not interested in the absence of virus scenario ala SK"

    What you call "herd immunity" (I'd call it immunity, or just the absence of a disease) is just the way populations deal with disease, always have and always will do. It's that simple. There's no "pro-herd immunity" claque because that term is meaningless, it's like saying I'm pro-sunrise.

    The economy is one thing - that's ####ed and that was happening already. The super rich and powerful, some of whom are clever too, probably saw covid as everything else, as and opportunity to amass yet more wealth and power in their hands. Of course every western government responded slightly differently but the notion - implicit, sorry if I'm wrong - that some like Bozo are foot dragging do-nothings is really not borne out by a lot of facts visible in everyday life as well as policy acts and edicts.

    To equate some view with some idiot you don't like who also holds that view is an increasingly common habit in these parts but it's quite tiresome because it's all insinuation and neither proves not disproves diddly. But yes I'd like people to be able to work - shock!

    Talking about the NHS not being able to handle future events: there's a lot of this about: "If we didn't all wear masks, and met each other at home and out and about like in the old days, then we'd have a really serious outbreak!" Or, maybe not, depends. I certainly don't think the inability of the NHS to handle a slightly above average epidemic should be the reason a whole economy, a whole cultural life, a whole organic social support network, should be allowed to atrophy or break up or die. It should be needless to say: snuffing out the vitality of a nation leads to a lot of health problems.

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