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    Posted by Karen on June 25, 2005, 10:44 pm

    Perhaps a little perspective here - from a non-Mot garage...we have used the same Mot station for over 20 years. By far, the vast majority of vehicles submitted by us, pass their MOT first time.

    Now, most of us non-Mot garages ('pains' as you choose to call us) have been very lucrative to many Mot stations, when Mot Stations have had many more slots to fill, prior to computerisation.

    My weekly expenditure with my local station was certainly not to be scoffed at!

    Non-Mot garages have been the bread and butter of many a station for many years. Offensive comments like yours (pains?) will certainly not encourage any goodwill between Mot stations, and your one-time 'bread and butter'.

    Don’t blast non-Mot garages out the water just yet – you do not know just how this thing is going to pan out in the long.

    On the other hand taking on the mode of an ordinary punter, the new process is
    un-chartered territory – but one thing is for sure, competition will still exist – and as a car owner myself (three vehicles to Mot) – you will need to attract my custom just as much after computerisation as before.

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