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    Posted by John Wallis on June 26, 2005, 1:51 pm, in reply to "Re: MOT's"

    a) they want it now
    b) they want it cheaper
    c) the majority of them don't check there vehicles over first before presenting them
    d) when it fails they want a VT20 written out there and then on the understanding that we will trust them to do the work (I don't think so)
    e) they want to return the vehicle for a retest when it suits them
    All that hassle for less money when I can easily fill my slots with retail full price Mot's.
    Oh, and Trade customers have never been "my one time bread and butter" - far from it.<<<<<

    David I've got to say I'm with you on all the above points. We used to do a lot of trade MOT Tests and yes they were a pain to do because of the very reasons you've mentioned above.

    Especially when they expect you to drop what you are doing and fit several in without much in the way of notice. If you say you're full and can't take on anymore they get the lip on. We are now just about all retail MOTs and that suits me fine. Having said that I will help the trade out providing they give me notice.

    On the looking for the best deal and discount front as a normal punter. I charge full price and full price again if it leaves the premises. No fee if we do the work and fast track* the certificate. How many times do you find a vehicle needs a little bit of work to get it through the test at a discount station? It's a ploy it gets the punters in. We all do business in different ways and I suppose you have to do what's best for you in your location.

    Me? Give me retail customers every time!



    *(Fast track is the method now used if you repair the vehicle on your premises then pass it)

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