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    Posted by Tony Sefton on June 26, 2005, 12:00 pm, in reply to "Re: MOT's"

    "Now, most of us non-Mot garages ('pains' as you choose to call us) have been very lucrative to many Mot stations, when Mot Stations have had many more slots to fill, prior to computerisation".

    But even though you have been very lucarative to the MOT stations, You have not created the work for them, The work was already there. ??
    You just stood in as a middle-man taking some of the profit along the way to keep your own business going. ?? If you hadn't been there doing the repairs, The cars would still have needed testing, ( Somewhere ). ??

    If things Start getting too expensive, and if this is your main work, then you can alway's spend the money and set up your own MOT station, Because they say that a few MOT stations will drop out which will leave room for others to come in and seeing as it takes longer, surely we will need more stations to do the work. ?? But also on the other hand, the MOT stations will have to set on more staff to do the repair work.
    So I think as usual, anyone that sticks at it and is prepared to invest in staff and equipment will make it work, but anyone sitting back and taking it easy will find times could get hard, ??

    Not trying to upset anyone, and just a point of View from another "NON MOT" garage.

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