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    Re: MOT's Archived Message

    Posted by Dave Harney on June 26, 2005, 12:12 pm, in reply to "MOT's"

    Firstly I have never knowingly written anything intended to be offensive not do I intend to.

    I am sorry you feel offended by my comment of "pains" referring to our Mot trade customers.
    Obviously it was not aimed at you personally because I don't know you and I don't know how you conduct your business with your Mot station.

    Let me explain, when you (we)have trade customers booking Mot slots
    a) they want it now
    b) they want it cheaper
    c) the majority of them don't check there vehicles over first before presenting them
    d) when it fails they want a VT20 written out there and then on the understanding that we will trust them to do the work (I don't think so)
    e) they want to return the vehicle for a retest when it suits them
    All that hassle for less money when I can easily fill my slots with retail full price Mot's.
    Oh, and Trade customers have never been "my one time bread and butter" - far from it.

    Best regards
    PS It is not my intention to criticize how other people run there business's - merely that if you are a trade customer after an Mot and you don't like how we do ours you are free to go elsewhere.

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