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    Posted by Tom Williams on June 26, 2005, 10:30 pm, in reply to "MOT's"


    Trade Mots are a difficult one. We don't discount, but have, up until now carried out free retests. As said, car owners have to get their car tested, whether or not they use an intermediary or 'middle man' in the process.
    We tend to stay fairly busy, and as costs and salaries rise it becomes silly to charge less.
    Its not the same as discounting parts, because provided there is no shortage of supply, you aren't really limited on the quantity of spares you can sell per day.
    Mot tests are bound by time constraints, there is a finite number you can complete in a day depending on the number of bays and testers you have. Once you are at full capacity there is no reason to give your profit away.
    This is my 30th year as an Mot tester. An observation I can make is that some traders expect you to break the law to for their convenience. Safe in the knowledge that should you get caught, you will shoulder 100% of the punishment.

    Tom W.

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