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A place for people, and cats, to discuss all things feline -- questions, rescue, health, help, stories, pictures.
A place to share.

The Acme Fund is over 20 years old! This kitty provides assistance to communally determined emergency or rescue cases which have come to our attention and contributes to other situations which in so doing help to represent the Acme community as a whole. Join the "Dollar a Day or Week, Month or Year Clubs"! No amount too small, or too big!

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We mourn the loss of our beloved KTW - Kim Thunderwolf

Other places to visit are Cat Photo Board, Tigger's Cat Scratch Board, and FurKids
Tributes to the posting community's original board may be found here
Several regular posters hold various fundraisers for rescues and other animal-related causes. One current way to help is by visiting The Bendy Store. Anyone who uses KMR formula is asked to save labels to help Bazil

... The Animal Rescue Site ...

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